IDEO’s Startup Studio for Blockchain Entrepreneurs

We help blockchain startups and entrepreneurs with design, product, hiring and more with a network of partners and peers.

2019 Studio Programs

IDEO Product Validation Day

Rapidly design and prototype new product concepts with end-users to determine whether to pursue, kill, or pivot.

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IDEO Brand Design Workshop

Create a compelling brand, identity, and message to share with the public, users, customers, and investors.

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Org Scaling Workshop with Electric Capital

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and build a plan to scale your team and company from 5 to 30 people.

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IDEO New Venture Concepting Workshop

Develop new product and venture concepts by using IDEO’s design thinking process to understand users and their needs.

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IDEO Recruiting Makeathon

Identify and recruit top design, product, technical, and creative talent from IDEO’s global networks.

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IDEO Founders x Developers Matching Day

Meet founders and developers to prototype new venture concepts and seed new startups.

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IDEO User Research 101 Workshop

Learn IDEO’s process for deeply researching, understanding, and solving for people’s existing and emergent needs.

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Finance Directors Workshop with Silicon Valley Bank

Connect with peers managing startups’ finances and learn from experts at Silicon Valley Bank.

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Navigating Conflict & Exec Coaching Workshop with Torch

Learn from executive coaches at Torch on how to become better leaders and executives, and how to navigate conflict.

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Building for Diversity Workshop with she256

Learn how to build diverse products and teams with she256 and IDEO.

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Legal and Regulatory Workshop with Perkins Coie

Learn from experts at Perkins Coie on the latest in the crypto legal and regulatory space.

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Privacy Preserving Apps Workshop with Oasis

Explore with experts from Oasis Labs and IDEO privacy focused applications and opportunities.

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Past Participants

“Going through the IDEO ideation and design process during Builder’s Day was an eye-opening experience that broadened my understanding of product design. Working alongside IDEO’s world class team provided clarity and lasting value as we build and refine Alto Financial’s core product.”

Andrew Benson, Co-Founder, Alto Financial

“I really did love the IDEO people. They’re obviously the best of the best in terms of design talent. It’s seriously valuable for folks like me to get to spend time with design folks like that, and to learn about their process. I knew user testing was valuable but hadn’t really experienced it before.”

Hart Lambur, CEO & Founder, UMA

“Crypto Builder's Day was a unique chance to learn & improve full-product thinking alongside the best teams in the space.”

Robert Leshner, CEO & Founder, Compound

2019 Studio Partners

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