Dynamic Workforce

The Dynamic Workforce portfolio designs opportunities for everyone to engage in meaningful work in a time when the nature of work is fundamentally changing.

Dynamic Workforce The nature of work is fundamentally changing. Emerging technologies are creating new roles for humans and machines—and a new class of gig economy workers who are reinventing the relationship between employer and employee. We have the opportunity to design tools and systems that dynamically integrate people and technology toward more meaningful work. The IDEO CoLab’s Dynamic Workforce portfolio works with corporations, universities, and the public sector to design opportunities for everyone to thrive in the new landscape of work.

Portfolio Themes

Future Skills

How might we design for building skills this new world of work will require in the near term—and flexing them in the long term?

Augmented Humans

How might we design for technology that augments human work, rather than displacing it?

New Forms of Work

How might we design for new types of work, and make them economically viable for people to pursue?

Portable Benefits

How might we enable a benefits structure defined by people, rather than employers?


Susan O'Malley

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Updates from the Dynamic Workforce portfolio

90% of Americans would take a pay cut to do more meaningful work. But what will tomorrow’s jobs even look like? Emerging tech has already evolved what we consider a job. Our Dynamic Workforce portfolio kicked off by imagining the future of work. See what questions came up, here:

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