Collaborative Cities

CoLab’s Collaborative Cities portfolio combines lessons from urban planning with capabilities of emerging technologies to design more sustainable, livable, inclusive, and intentional cities for people and businesses alike.

This portfolio is a partnership with Gehl, a leader in making cities for people.

Collaborative Cities Cities are on the front line of the most urgent challenges of our time. And yet, today’s cities are siloed between public, private, and community interests. Without a collaborative platform to reconcile needs and capabilities across sectors, civic trust erodes and prototyping new solutions becomes slow, risky, and difficult. Driven by community needs, the Collaborative Cities portfolio brings R&D into the civic space. We convene interdisciplinary, cross-sector teams to build civic trust and prototype solutions that put communities at the center.

Portfolio Themes

Integrated Mobility

How might we effectively integrate new mobility technologies (such as autonomous vehicles) with basic human mobility behaviors to meet changing habits and diversifying needs of community members?

Holistic Public Health

How might we improve the public health and wellbeing of community members, including access to active lifestyle choices, social support structures, and everyday needs that provide agency and comfort?

Community-Led R&D

How might we integrate existing communities’ needs into the R&D process to create solutions that build individual agency and collective capability?


Joanne Cheung
Parker Woodworth
Iben Falconer
Jeff Risom
Matthew Lister

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Updates from the Collaborative Cities portfolio

As part of our first sprint in January, we reimagined how community members can take an active role in designing shared spaces. In this prototype, AR makes prototyping a future city accessible to all.

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