Circular Economy

The Circular Economy portfolio designs circular businesses, products, services, materials, value chains, and behaviors in support of thriving natural, social, and financial systems.

Circular Economy The circular economy is a model that connects people, business and natural systems. In a moment when our resource consumption is pushing us towards planetary boundaries, the circular economy reimagines how businesses, products, and services are designed, experienced, and valued. It provides both bridges and beacons—driving a new economic model that is regenerative by design.

Portfolio Themes

New Ownership Models

How might we provide solutions or outcomes to customers versus selling products transactionally?

Marketplaces & Platforms

How might we develop ways to reduce waste and derive more ongoing value from products and materials?

Circular Distribution Systems

How might we design logistics and packaging that offer convenience, better resource utilization and reduced waste and pollution?

Rethinking Products & Manufacturing

How might we create shared value between brands, communities, the environment, and the economy?

Reimagining Materials

How might we explore the role of materials in boosting the circularity of products and packaging?


Chris Grantham
Arianne Orillac
Lauren Yarmuth

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