The IDEO CoLab is accepting applications to join our two week January fellowship program. We’ll be exploring opportunities to solve human problems using emerging technologies like blockchains and artificial intelligence. Apply to join our 1-day makeathon in October for a chance to participate!

Fall 2017 CoLab Makeathon

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CoLab Makeathon
As part of your application for our January fellowship, come spend a day with the IDEO CoLab for an action-packed, high energy dive into our technology-led design process. Expert facilitators will match you with a talented and diverse team of peers, and together, you’ll design provocations and prototypes that explore the potential of emerging technology. We’re looking for designers, entrepreneurs, technical experts, business people, and most of all, makers. Our makeathons are fun, intense events where you’ll build awesome things, learn new tools and make new friends.

Want to know what it’s like to participate? Check out this video of a past make-a-thon.

The January Fellowship

The makeathon isn’t just a one day experience—it’s your opportunity to become an IDEO CoLab Fellow. We’ll accept a subset of makeathon participants to join us full-time January 3-12 for a paid fellowship. During the fellowship, you’ll be prototyping alongside world-class designers, technologists and organizational experts to explore emerging technologies and develop interesting applications for them.

  • Join a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers and business-minded folks to create new prototypes with emerging technology
  • Learn IDEO CoLab’s design thinking and prototype creation process while building on the latest emerging technologies
  • Work with IDEO CoLab’s corporate members to shape and test ideas.
  • Design human centered products and services and test them with real people



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The IDEO CoLab fellowship is a full-time, paid position running concurrently in San Francisco and Boston.

About the CoLab

The CoLab is IDEO’s R&D network. We’re a group of like-minded organizations using design to explore how emerging technologies will affect major societal systems. In 2017 we’re focused on four promising technologies (AR/VR, IoT, AI and blockchain) and how they’ll reshape major societal systems.